Continental Divide Trail

This June, a group of friends that met while thru-hiking the Pacific Crest Trail in 2011 will be setting off on an adventure across the continental divide mountain range. A 3,100 mile trail whose motto is Embrace the Brutality. The hike will be southbound, starting on the border of Canada in Montana, through Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico and ending on the border of Mexico.  My goal for the Continental Divide Trail is to get a camera into the hands of each one of the members of the group, so we can all document our own experiences. In the end, I will compile them into a film narrating our time on the trail. Not only will it show the incredible community involved in trail life, it will also show with HD quality cameras the pristine wilderness areas we are so lucky to have in this great nation. Along the trail, I’ll be posting videos on youtube. Anyone who wants to follow along or is planning a thru-hike has material that is easily accessible and informative.

The CDT is one of the three major trails in the USA. It is the least known and also the least protected out of the three, which includes the Pacific Crest and Appalachian Trail. Organizations like the CDTA created in 1995 have been the force behind increasing public awareness and securing the trail. Unfortunately, the CDTA had to cease operations in 2012. Many of the former members have now formed the Continental Divide Coalition stationed in Colorado as well as Mountain Wilderness Association stationed in Montana have continued their amazing work. But, the CDT is only 75% complete, mostly due to private and public land management. The more awareness brought to the trail the more likely we will be able to continue to enjoy it in our lifetime and future generations to come. This is not just an issue for those that like to hike long distances, it is an issue for everyone that enjoys our natural spaces. Having long distance trails protects our wilderness and our drive for adventure. Our goal is to bring awareness to the trail and inspire you to dream big and as Nacho would say, “lets salvage the day.”

The feedback I get from my Pacific Crest Trail films gives me confidence that these videos gives viewers inspiration and valuable information. Whether it makes people just get out hiking for a weekend or to try and thru-hike an entire trail, having these films easily accessible allows these ideas to become real!

I’m not asking for funding of my hike. Thru-hiking a trail comfortably usually takes $4,000 to $6,000 for the food, gear and town stops. I’m going to hike it whether or not I get funding for the film. But it would be amazing to be able to have cameras and editing equipment to produce a memorable quality documentary, giving justice to the CDT’s beauty.

If you are interested in bang a part of this project you can DONATE via PayPal and the Donate button on the side of the page,

Your Support Break-Down:

Cameras (Hopefully 4 for the team of 4) around $400 each

SPOT safety device/service for group while hiking in case of emergency and also so the public can follow our progress $100

Final Cut Pro (Video Editing) $300

Computer with capacity for memory $1300

All donations will be used to help fund the filming equipment needed for the FREE video Documentary.